Model and TV Star Criticized for Going Child-Free Every Weekend

By Jonathan Zhou, Epoch Times
May 21, 2016 Updated: May 23, 2016

An Australian couple provoked a minor uproar after disclosing that they drop their 2-year-old daughter Violet at her grandparents for the weekend—every weekend. 

Model and TV host Rachael Finch divulged that her and her husband Michael Miziner have the weekends to themselves, according to the Herald Sun.

“Every weekend [Violet] goes to [Michael’s] mum’s house, and we get our weekend to ourselves,” Finch said. “I think that’s incredibly healthy for a relationship. And on Sunday, when we pick her up, we have 100 percent energy back.”

The disclosure drew some angry reactions on social media, and many called the couple selfish. 

“Every single weekend at just 2 years old? Yes. It’s simple. if you didn’t really want a kid, you shouldn’t have had one,” wrote one Facebook commenter. 

“This is exactly what’s wrong with today’s parents and children. When you get married and have kids weekends are no longer about you,” wrote another. 

But many were supportive of Finch, and considered it absurd that other people cared about how she raised her child.

“Alternate Headline: ‘Grandparents take an active role in grandchild’s life, child gets to enjoy two homes in a country where 2.5 million children have none. Goddamn that child is lucky,'” wrote one web commenter. 

Finch defended herself in a post on Instagram with a picture of herself and Violet. 

“A Mother should never be made to feel they are not good enough for their child when they are doing everything they can to keep them safe, happy, and loved,” she wrote. “Only the parents of a child truly know what is best and should always have faith in their decisions. I value dearly the relationship Violet has with her Grandmother and I believe this is one of the most important and influential relationships growing up.”

Finch was third runner-up in Miss Universe 2009, and was on the 10th season of “Dancing With the Stars”—her dancing partner is now her husband. 

Finch said in a recent interview with Sunday Style that she intends to be there for Violet like her mother was there for her.

“I have always thought that as long as she [Violet] is nurtured and loved, that will give her the confidence for anything,”