Mexico’s Cave of Crystals is Otherworldly (Video)

July 14, 2016 Updated: July 15, 2016

Many fabulous and important objects have been found inside of caves, but few of them can rival the truly gargantuan crystals resting beneath a mine in Naica, Mexico. Those who have traveled deep into the Earth to catch a glimpse of the Cave of Crystals are typically left awestruck by the dazzling sight.
Journalist Neil Shea wrote of the experience, “I crawled among the world’s largest crystals, a forest of them, broad and thick, some more than 30 feet long and half a million years old. So clear, so luminous, they seemed extraterrestrial.”
Breathtaking though the sight may be, taking it in is not without discomfort.  Temperatures inside can climb over 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity is estimated to be right around 100 percent.