Memorial Day Weekend Travel Deals and Ideas

BY Helena Zhu TIMEMay 24, 2012 PRINT
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If you are not craving for anywhere luxurious and far, a comfortable weekend at a bed and breakfast might be the perfect option for you. (Helena Zhu/The Epoch Times)

As the weekend (in this case, long weekend) approaches with the nice weather and all, nothing is better than a relaxing getaway that would keep you pumped up for the coming week. Below are a few affordable weekend travel ideas that do not compromise on the quality.

Bed and Breakfast

If you are not craving for anywhere luxurious and far, a comfortable weekend at a bed and breakfast might be the perfect option for you. As long as you have a car, a Zipcar card, $100 a day for a rental car, or a friend to borrow one from, you could drive down to a secluded bed and breakfast in New England or the Midwest for a relaxing May weekend that is warm enough for the swimming pool but cool enough for hot tub in the woods.

Even though some of the most popular bed and breakfast destinations could fill up fast weeks before, especially for the weekends, with careful research, you could still find nice and quiet places that start as low as $100 for two on and or type in “bed and breakfast” and the state that you intend to visit on Google.

The beauty of such trips is that you have breathtaking views and an array of outdoor activities—some of which just opened for the summer—waiting for you. And since you have a car, it is time to explore.

Festival in the Next-Door City

Tired of living wherever you are? It’s time to move—for the weekend. Many early bird music and indoor and outdoor film festivals are kicking off, but even if you cannot find a major one, try to look for smaller ones, because they are just as fun.

Like bed and breakfast, a road trip to the adjacent city gives you much freedom to plan your own itinerary. If you are a sucker for good deals, it is always an option to stop by for an hour or two at a suburban shopping outlet.

Expedia Escapes

For something a little more exotic and grand, yet wallet-friendly, you could check up booking websites such as for last-minute deals for the weekend for hotels, flights, and cruises.

Expedia has three-star Las Vegas hotels for as low as $44 per night, New York to Orlando round trips for $188, and three-night cruises from Miami to the Bahamas for $229.

Even though that might seem a little risky if you like to plan ahead, an impromptu trip just might be mood boosting, especially if it saves you quite some dollars. Nevertheless, if you want to be on the safe side, the websites also offer deals for the weekend after.

Groupon Vacations

Maybe you have never done this before, but for multi-day faraway trips, getaway deals from Groupon, LivingSocial, and by WagJag might just be perfect for you.

If you are quite new to coupon escapes, a good way to filter out the worthy deals is to look at the number of people who purchased the deal. For a deal that only has fewer than a dozen buyers, it just might not be that great, but a five-night stay for $575 in an ocean-view room in Dominican Republic probably deserves the 390 buyers that it sold to.

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Helena Zhu
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