Man Turns the Tables on Facebook Scammer From the Philippines

By Jonathan Zhou, Epoch Times
May 9, 2016 Updated: May 10, 2016

A British man was contacted by someone, purportedly a woman from the Philippines, asking for money for a new phone. He decided that the person was a scammer, and decided to turn the tables and string them along for a counter-prank. 

James Stanley, from England, often receives messages from the Philippines because he was once stationed there while in the navy. 

After the woman asked for $100, Stanley offered her $10,000, asked the woman to join his harem of his 4 wives. (He had his female friends pose with him for a picture). 

“When the message came through I had the day off work and thought I would see how far I could take it, for a laugh,” Stanley said, according to the Sun

Stanley extended the prank to great lengths, giving her fake addresses—Jack House, Daniels Street with Coke Road—and offering to travel to the Philippines to visit her. 

“My mum is really pleased for me—she’s already picking out a dress and hat. But my brother is disappointed, he has lost his wing man,” Stanley jokingly addressed his new “fiancee.” 

Stanley later uploaded the text conversations on Facebook, where it went viral.