Man Tries to Shame Waitress on Facebook, but His Cousin Tried to Make It Right

May 5, 2016 Updated: May 6, 2016

Dustin Clark, of Oklahoma City, shared a Facebook post to teach his cousin a lesson in tipping.

“My cousin and his wife went out to dinner there, and once they racked up a $71 bill they paid for the meal and instead of giving any tip at all they decided to give they’re own tip saying ‘find sour cream’ because the last time they ate there they had sour cream,” he wrote (sic).

He shared the tip with the offending statement written in the tip section of the receipt.

“I do not believe that that is right. So when I get off of work tomorrow I am going to go up to this [Joe’s Crab Shack] and find this waitress and give her a $20 tip, $10 for the meal and $10 for having to deal with rude people, and apologize for her inconvenience,” he wrote.

“I confronted my cousin about them bragging about the rudeness on Facebook and actually posting it on Facebook and all they had to say about it was ‘they had sour cream last time we ate there,'” he said.


When Clark went to the location, he said there wasn’t anything amiss.

“She seemed like the nicest person in the world, like one of those super nice waitresses that are nice, bubbly and energetic and makes sure everything is perfect,” Clark wrote, reported

“She remembered her interaction with the rude people, and was very thankful and appreciative of the tip that we gave her. Since it was dinner rush and she had a few tables we didn’t stay very long. I think we made her day.”