Man Sees Bald Lady Reading Alone in Car, Buys Her Flowers

TIMEJune 3, 2016

“I don’t want to be on Facebook. I don’t want to make this post. I don’t really want to be talking to the public … but I’m going to–and here’s why,” Quintin Conway says tearfully earlier last month.

He was having a rough morning and said he was really feeling sorry for himself.

Quintin was running errands, leaving a store in Liberty, Missouri; he just finished one of the things on his to-do list. As he was leaving the parking lot, he drove past a lady in a car.

The woman who was probably in her 60s, according to Quintin, was “sitting in her car reading, and she was bald.” 

He suddenly had an urge to turn back around, and buy her some flowers at a local store. 

“So I turn around, go back into the store–and mind you, I am cranky, I’m in a hurry–and I buy these flowers.”

He then walked up to the woman car and say to her, “I don’t know you, this is weird, but I’ve been having a stupid morning feeling sorry for myself and I had this crazy urge to bring you flowers.

“You needed a smile,” he added. 

The woman started crying, and by the time he went back to his vehicle and drove past her again, he recalled that she was in tears, “I could see that she was balling.”

“I don’t know, if you’re a woman sitting in a car, reading bald, your life probably got some stuff going on, he said in his Facebook Live video.

Although, he admitted that he did not want to announce what he did publicly on Facebook, he still wanted people to know: “Your life doesn’t always suck… It could suck worse.”

“Sometimes when you get down on yourself, you gotta have perspective,” he said.

Towards the end of the almost three minute clip, Quintin apologized once more for making “this stupid post on Facebook”—which has since been viewed 4 million times with more than 80,000 shares.  

He ended the live video concluding that perspective is very important, and we all should “make someone smile today.”