Man Says He Found Lung in Kentucky Fried Chicken Meal

February 5, 2016 Updated: February 5, 2016

An Australian man says he bit into a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken only to find a lung attached.

Marc Nicholls said he was shocked to find he’d nearly swallowed a large intact lung, describing it as grey, brain-like flesh.

“It was disgusting,” Nicholls, 30, told the Daily Mail. “It was absolutely vile.”

The IT technician had ordered a 3-piece box, with two wings and a chicken breast, for $12.50.

“I pulled a piece off [of the breast], then found that and spat the rest out,” he said.

He quickly alerted staff at the restaurant, but they only told him to contact customer service and did not offer him a refund.

A KFC spokesman said the flesh was most likely a lung or kidney that was mistakenly not removed during the food preparation.

“Most of the time offal is removed in the preparation process, but occasionally it may remain,” a KFC spokesman said, adding it posed no health risk.

The incident is the latest in a string of bizarre parts found in KFC chicken. For instance, an English woman said in January that she found raw giblets in her chicken.

“It looked disgusting and pink, I didn’t want to touch it,” she said. “I first thought that it may have been brain or lung, it certainly wasn’t chicken. My burger had a hair in it as well.”

After that incident, KFC said: “We’re proud of the fact that our chicken is hand-prepared and cooked fresh in our kitchens.”