Man is Stunned to Know the Letter That He Wrote to Santa in 1961 Was Found in a Chimney

August 3, 2021 Updated: September 15, 2021

A man was stunned on learning that a letter he wrote to Santa about 60 years ago asking for a Sheriff’s badge and cap gun for Christmas was found stuck in the chimney of his childhood home.

Robert Crampton, 65, had written the sooty note with the help of his late father and marked it as urgent in 1961.

The little boy had asked for a “cowboy suit and guns and a hat and everything” which would be “enough” for him for Christmas.

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Robert Crampton in the garden in the year 1961. (SWNS)

The letter, which was signed by Robert and included a note that said, “see you tomorrow night,” was discovered by Cheryl Thorne, 42, from Sweeps Chimney Services on July 20.

“This is the most remarkable thing we’ve ever found while doing this job,” said Cheryl, of Doe Lea, Derbyshire, England.

She added that it was “wonderful” to find the letter remarkably still intact, despite being hidden away in the chimney for almost 60 years.

The company has since contacted Crampton, who now lives in Woking, Surrey, so that he can be reunited with his childhood Christmas list.

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Robert ‘Bob’ Crampton and his wife Mary. (SWNS)

Crampton recalls that the letter was written on behalf of him by his late father, Robert—who was a sergeant with the Royal Army Service Corps.

“I was lucky enough to receive lots of fabulous Christmas presents that year, which included a six-shooter cap gun in a holster and a sheriff’s badge. What more could a kid have wanted?” he added.

“It’s quite magical and I love imagining Robert put his letter at the bottom hoping the draft would carry it up and to Santa,” Cheryl said. “I found his request so endearing because most kids today want iPads and things like that so it’s so interesting to get into the mind of a kid back then.”

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A child’s letter addressed to Santa has been found perfectly folded in a chimney after being stuck there for more than 60 years. (SWNS)

Asked whether he believes in Santa, Crampton said: “How can you not?”

For centuries, children in Britain have been sending letters to Father Christmas by throwing them into a fireplace so they will float up and fly to the North Pole.

While the letter was undated, the current homeowner’s family, who have lived at the property for several years, had no knowledge of anyone called Robert Crampton.

Crampton said: “The fact that the story has been covered means an awful lot of people are talking about Christmas memories from a lot less complicated time … I imagine that’s brought quite a lot of joy to quite a few people.”

Epoch Times Staff contributed to this report.

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