After Vasectomy, Man Discovers Wife Is ‘a Little Bit Pregnant,’ and Throws Her Off Guard

June 16, 2019 Updated: June 24, 2019

This is one gender reveal with a difference. He found out before she did! Seems a bit odd? Well, odd it may be, but it is also very cute. He was shocked to discover his sterilization hadn’t worked, and now they would be expecting a fourth baby.

Tim and Rachel Brummel, from Georgia, had a family of three young boys, and both were happy with that number. To avoid having any more children, Tim took it upon himself to become sterilized. Both of his vasa deferentia, which are the ducts that carry sperm, were completely severed … or so he thought.

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Seven months down the track, Tim became suspicious of Rachel’s behavior—she was moody, more hungry than usual, and at times felt nauseous. In other words, Tim thought she was acting just “a little bit pregnant.”

How could that be, he wondered, there’s no way. But hang on, he suddenly remembered he hadn’t had confirmation from the doctor that his sterilization had been successful. He called up the doctor and was told it hadn’t worked. They had forgotten to notify him.

“We’re definitely not upset, we had wanted to grow our family through adoption anyway,” said Tim, according to PEOPLE. “It’s a little unprofessional not to let us know, but those [procedures] aren’t perfect, so I don’t fault them for not working.”

So he decided to take the matter into his own hands to discover if his wife was pregnant for a fourth time.

“How many guys get the chance to tell their wife she is pregnant? I wanted to surprise her!” says Tim. “I turned off the toilet water in the middle of the night and flushed so there was no water in it.”

Using a pregnancy tester, he discovered she was pregnant; they were going to have a new addition to their brood!

“But I think it’s a God thing,” explains Tim to PEOPLE. “We had our plans to adopt, we wanted four or five kids total, but God decided to overrule that one! What we had in our mind wasn’t what God had in his. And honestly we might still adopt.”

Tim came up with a plan to surprise Rachel with the news, and he set his plan into motion. “She has no idea what she’s gonna find out when she gets home,” he said, as he turned on the camera to film the next few moments.

But wait … will it be another boy, or will they have a girl? It’s all in the video:

An update on the Brummel Bunch’s newest addition is here: