Makeup Artist: ‘I will be doing a few makeup looks inspired by this show’

February 1, 2017

“I really like that the colours are very bright, and that they’re paired together. So I like that they will have a bright yellow, then a bright green, then a bright pink.”


“Mimicking the colours of nature into your makeup, your clothes, your costumes—that’s what I like to see. I felt the sets with nature that was illustrated really reflected the costumes and that’s why I’m probably going to be doing a few makeup looks inspired by this show.”


“It was incredible. It was beautiful. A lot of work has gone into it, and I like that there was a very deep meaning and message behind it, which is a very positive one. … I thought that was beautiful because not many performances incorporate that aspect.”


“In the modern world we focus a lot on who has more money, who has the nicest clothes or the nicest car, when if we are true to ourselves and our roots and we just believe in goodness, goodness will come out.”


“Coming here, … it makes you really think about what you are doing in life, what you are believing in, how you are spending your time as well. That’s how I felt after.”


“It was all really educational for me. It felt very historical as well, taking you through the times, from then up until now to see how things have changed.”


“With the amount of work that went on even behind the scenes, we can tell that the dancers, the performers, the musicians are incredible, but also the people who do the choreography, the costume design, the hairstyling, the set, everything—it’s just so much detail that I think what they are doing is incredible. I’m really, really happy that I got to see it, and they should never stop, because it’s stunning.”