‘Magnificent Work in Grace and Precision,’ Actress Says

February 25, 2018

“It was absolutely stunning. I feel inspired, a little bit invigorated after seeing the history and the culture. The colors: it absolutely took my breath away.”

“I do a lot of theater. I’m an actress in Detroit, so to see a production that was so inspired and precise. It was absolutely gorgeous. [The dance ‘Devotion’], which was the perfect word for the title, I started crying. I could see her shaking and see the pain that she was going through—to see that—it was inspiring, beautiful to watch, absolutely gorgeous.”

“[The dancers] were so mentally disciplined and emotionally connected to each character, so mind blowing. The precision was fantastic, the exactness, the dancing. I picked up a whole new dimension, because you had three dimensions, I liked the use of the background—that was very unique.”

The Mongolian dance, it was incredible, the precision and the use of the chopsticks as an extra element to create rhythm, timing and precision was just mind-blowing. … Another piece was the sleeves [‘Han Dynasty Sleeves’] was a magnificent work in grace and precision. I’ve never seen anything like that.”

“Seeing a performance like this reawakens a spark in each one of us—reminds us of our connection—even though we are not a beautiful dancer who can do five flips. To see that is just a beautiful reminder of what we are capable of as humans, and to inspire compassion between people.”