Loyal Pup Rushes to Fetch Gardaí After Elderly Owner Falls Into a Ditch and Can’t Get Out

February 4, 2021 Updated: February 9, 2021

An elderly Irishman who was out walking his dog took a perilous tumble, falling into a ditch, which he found himself unable to get out of. He might’ve been in deep trouble if it weren’t for his faithful dog. Like a scene from a movie, astoundingly, the pet went off and sought help from the local Gardaí.

This is one pet who’s done his part to prove that dogs really are “man’s best friend.”

The good dog, named Jack, was out with his owner near Portarlington when the man took a tumble that left him stuck and in trouble. Jack was able to alert Gardaí to his owner’s location, bringing help to the elderly owner.

When paramedics arrived and took care of the man, Jack waited patiently by the ambulance.

On June 18, 2019, Gardaí posted a tweet with a picture of the loyal pup by the ambulance, which they dubbed “man’s best friend,” waiting for his owner.

“Jack the Dog stayed by his side & showed Gardaí where he was,” they wrote. “Even when ambulance arrived Jack wouldn’t rest unless he could see him.”

Before long, the tweet had gone viral, garnering over 16,700 likes and 2,400 retweets.

Luckily, Jack was able to go home with his human after paramedics were finished treating the man.

“Owner and Jack home now,” Gardaí added on Twitter, much to the relief of users who saw the post.

Netizens praised the good boy, with comments like “Best dog ever” and “Belly rubs for life!”

“We do not deserve dogs,” one user added. “Glad this story had a happy ending for both the gentleman and Jack.”

“Magnificent photograph,” one commenter said, referencing the picture of Jack waiting outside the ambulance. “On its own, it tells a story. A story of a great friendship.”

Some people even suggested that the dog deserves a medal, or that he should become an honorary Gardaí dog.

“Be the person your dog thinks you are,” one man said.

It’s difficult to find a more altruistic example of unconditional love than a loyal dog and his owner. One thing you can bet on is that this elderly man’s recovery will be aided by the patient, loving company of his faithful companion, Jack.

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