‘Let’s Get Poppin”: Video Shows Innovative Gender Reveal Party With Balloons and Darts

April 23, 2019 Updated: April 23, 2019

When you have a big family that live close to each other then any reason to get everyone together is more than likely a good one. That’s what one large family in the US did recently when they held an impromptu game of balloon darts in their backyard. This wasn’t any normal game of balloon darts (if there is such a thing). This particular one had a purpose and was in fact a balloon dart game with a twist as its sole reason was to reveal whether or not a new arrival to the family was to be a boy or a girl.

The balloon game in question was recorded and has recently surfaced on social media platforms where it has since gone viral. In the video the large family can be seen taking it in terms throwing darts with varying degrees of success at a board covered with a series of black balloons. The text overlaying the video explains that within some of the balloons is colored powder, blue for a boy and pink for a girl. It goes on to say that three balloons hold one color and two the other. The color that appears the most (obviously three times) will correspond to the gender of the new baby.

We watch as one by one family members step up and pop a balloon, starting with the expecting parents, then the soon to be grandparents and finally younger members of the family who have to stand next to the balloons to successfully pop them.

As expected the decision comes down to the last balloon, with the colors tied two apiece. With a burst of pink the baby’s gender is revealed to be a girl much to the excitement of all assembled.