Lee Meriwether Praises Shen Yun’s ‘Brilliant Production’

March 31, 2017

“It was so beautifully done. Incredible … the choreography mixed with the visuals…I didn’t know that there was going to be films (digital projection) and they would appear in the films behind. It was just brilliant. It was a brilliant production. 

“I tell everyone, ‘You’ve got to see this, if you don’t get a chance to see it now, you will see it in the following year because there is nothing like it that I have ever seen.’ 

“It was just really, truly brilliant. The dancing, the costuming, the music itself, and you learn a lot about ancient China, which I just …. I am going to go and do some research because it is fascinating. It is the history that is unfolding in front you. It is just beautiful. So I am very lucky to have this come to us here in Thousand Oaks.”

“What was amazing to me [about the live orchestra] was that it didn’t seem to be part of something else. It was coherent with what we were watching. And it just worked perfectly. 

“The music itself was just amazing, and of course the dancing, it was fabulous, but I loved that I learned so much … and in such an enjoyable way. I learned so much about the history of China and history of dance, because it worked beautifully with the show. It was fabulous. I love it. I am going to take this [program book] to my daughter and insist that they get here tomorrow night.”

“Oh my goodness, her (the soprano’s) range was … both of us have sung on stage and actually in this theater before. … But her voice was just so ethereal; it really was so beautiful.” 

Her singing brought me right to the lyrics, and it was just enlightening, completely, and just beautiful to listen to. And she was gorgeous. … And her pianist was wonderful.”

“The history, and particularly when [the performers] were dealing with modern history as well, and it was very apparent and it was handled beautifully, and understandably … It was quite interesting, quite interesting.” 

“If you haven’t had the chance to come and see this, you must see it.”

“Don’t wait, get your tickets now.”

“Everyone in the audience is going to go home and say, ‘Oh, you’ve got to see the show. You’ve got to see the show. … So, get to the ticket office right away.'” 

“I was thinking, ‘The wardrobe mistress back stage must have 14 hands. It was absolutely … The costume changes are amazing.”

“[We] were aghast at the brilliance of this production.”