Lawyer Says His Heart Opened and He Saw His Soul While Watching Shen Yun

March 13, 2017

“I believe that there is a very powerful message [that’s] very unique. First of all, today, we have too many negative forces around us everywhere. From Hollywood to all the media. Everything is negative — jealously, hate, and anger. But from this, I saw [that this] is pure substance of kindness, and goodness, and faith.


“However, as good as the human spirit is, we need content. And today the music [and] the dance were the content. And it was like a vessel putting all the good things inside, and [it allows you to] obtain and benefit from the spiritual message.”


“The dancers were phenomenal. … It is a craft that blends in all the good things of music and dance together.” 


“I think the most important thing I learned from this is harmony — how the team works. There’s got to be a connection between every performer that can perform something like this to this state.”


“[The Shen Yun Performing Arts Orchestra] really brings out the best of both [Eastern and Western] music, and I see that not only the Chinese music is great, but also the blending of it which is really a craft.”


“If today people listen to a sermon, or [read] a poem, or read a newspaper, the message may be the same, but it’s very different when you package it like this, because it makes it very appetizing. … The attractiveness of it allows people to be willing and be interested [and] be in tune with it. And so I think the medium is very, very powerful. It’s very good.”


“[The music] peers [into] the soul. It opens up the spiritual heart because the message is so powerful. Because, with the singing, we can tell there is a spiritual song from a human being’s heart that was touched by the divine.”


“I can take pride in my culture. Here’s a renewal of my pride because otherwise there’s so much Western influence everywhere, anywhere. But today I can see the Chinese culture is being exemplified by the content I heard today.”


“I took one more step — a giant step — towards opening my heart and connecting with the divine. With this modern age we are very, very densely covered with many material things. Today is almost like there is a clean sweep and opening allowing me to see the mirror and see myself and see my own soul.”


“One of my professions is that I am a professional interpreter for immigration courts. And I also work with many, many lawyers, and I focus on political asylums for many Falun Gong faith-keepers. And I have always been touched by them.”