Lawyer Returns for the Third Time to See Shen Yun

February 10, 2018

“Our daughter wanted us to come again. This is our third time that we have seen it. We saw it long ago at the Paramount Theatre. And then we’ve seen it twice here at this facility. And it is just as magnificent each time. I mean the dancing is unbelievable. The precision and the athleticism of the dancers are incredible. Just amazing.”

“And the music is very, very nice. It is so rare to get a live musical performance along with dancing. And the quality of the music is very high as well.”

“The storytelling is really good. The graphics [digital backdrop] … with the dancers, is great. It is a really unique piece of your performance. And it adds a lot.”

“They [dancers] were so good. I was trying to watch every single one of the all the time. And they were amazing.”