Last Tone of Soprano Haolan Geng Cleansed the Environment

January 26, 2014

WASHINGTON—Mr. Neal Krysinski, a Washington D.C. homegrown photographer and real estate manager attended the Shen Yun Performing Arts evening performance hosted by Washington’s Kennedy Center Opera House on January 25. “I loved Shen Yun,” he said.

“I felt a lot of emotions emanating towards me when watching Shen Yun’s presentation of Chinese culture … It was very uplifting.”

“I saw people cry, but I didn’t cry. I felt very joyful, very loving, and I believe that I understand the culture and the nature of the Chinese people.

“I feel that this type of performance is needed in the world right now. I have no doubt about this,” he said.

“I like the sounds of the chopsticks. I liked the drummers. I was amazed by the balance the girls maintained, especially those with the small shoes,” he said adding details.

The chopsticks were part of the scene Mongolian Chopsticks. According to the program guide, “Dancers use chopsticks to create a crisp, staccato beat that quickens the blood and stirs the heart.”

The drummers were presented in the scene Tang Imperial Drummers, according to the program guide, “decisive drumbeats sound as his warriors [Emperor Tang Taizong] prepare for battle.”

Mr. Krysinski also was deeply aware of the feminine beauty. “It was just plain and simple. I felt like it was from the heart.”

“I was also aware of the masculinity in the men,” he said.

His photographer’s eyes saw everything on stage. “I was also very aware of the intelligence of everybody. I could see the intelligence of everybody who was out there performing.”

“I was also very touched by the sopranos, especially when one of them was singing the song from the heavens ‘Saving all Beings.’ The note she hit at the end was very powerful.”

He felt that last note “shocked everybody in the audience. I actually felt the people next to me moving. It was very uplifting. After she finished that tone it seemed very clear all of a sudden. I thought that was a great way to cleanse the environment,” he explained.

“I’m much energized. I’ll take back a positive feeling about the culture,” he added.

Taking a philosophical look at impact of the show, he said: “What I want to take from this performance by the Shen Yun is the understanding of the culture, which has grown from inside out,” he said. “Me as a person, I want to achieve this bringing from the inside out. If I could mimic that in my life, I’ll rise to greater things and feel better.”

Reporting by NTD and Heide B. Malhotra

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