Kroger Employee Walks 5 Miles Daily to Work, Until Kind Motorist Offers a Ride—and a New Car

June 8, 2021 Updated: June 12, 2021

A young man, who works as a night stocker at a grocery store, used to walk 5 miles to work every day—until a stranger’s kind act recently turned that bitter situation around.

One day, Kroger employee John Brandeberry, from Toledo, Ohio, was walking to work during a snowstorm. Motorist Jimmy Preston happened to see him. He pulled over and offered Brandeberry a lift.

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(Illustration – Ross Mahon/Shutterstock)

“When I picked John up in the worst of conditions he said, ‘I have to get there because a lot of people will call off,’” Preston stated on a crowdfunding page dedicated to helping Brandeberry.

“John has never had a driver’s license,” Preston added. “Nobody ever taught him how to drive and his family could not afford driver’s ed.”

After delivering Brandeberry to Kroger, Preston extended his kindness a step further, collaborating with local charity Blessing in Disguise to sponsor him for driving lessons.

And the kind gestures didn’t end there.

After Brandeberry completed his driving course, the nonprofit paid for his license, and he became a fully accredited motorist.

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(Courtesy of Blessings in Disguise)

In order to help Brandeberry resolve his transportation worries, Preston created a GoFundMe page to get him a car. He set a target of $5,000, but has raised an incredible $7,005, at the time of writing.

And the acts of good will continued.

Dealership Jim White Toyota set him up with a RAV4—contributing over half the cost of the SUV, while the rest was covered by what Preston had already raised.

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John Brandeberry with his new RAV4. (Courtesy of Blessings in Disguise)

The remainder of the funds went toward six months’ worth of insurance for Brandeberry.

To top it all off, he even got a bike rack with a bicycle for when the weather is favorable.

Overjoyed, Brandeberry asserted his belief that there are, in fact, still good people in the world. He also shared some advice, having been the recipient of so much generosity.

“You should treat everyone how you want to be treated,” he told ABC.

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