Korean Opera Director Believes Shen Yun Has Ushered the Dawn of New Artistry

February 10, 2017

“It is very difficult to have this perfect harmony between the music and dance movements. It would have been easier with recorded music … There is not just one, but there are a dozen Shen Yun dancers, who all move in unison with the live orchestra music. This is simply astonishing.”  


“Though there is a bit of language barrier, I could still pick up so much from the explanations by the emcees, the dances, and the lyrics. From the beginning to the end of the show, I was able to sense and grasp the different messages from gods.”


“Shen Yun has opened up a new path for all the artists.”


“After seeing the show myself, I believe I will create a whole new form of artistry within my work.”