Just in Case: 12 Most Brilliant Ways to Hide Cash at Home

April 29, 2019 Updated: April 29, 2019

We all need to start saving money, but for many of us, having an emergency fund is vital to having food by the end of the month. So if you do not want to add your money to a bank, how exactly can you hide your money in a way where nobody else will find it?

One idea is to hide it under a rock. The first tip in the video shows a person putting money into a jar, and gluing a rock on the top of it. They then bury the jar in their garden, and hide the money with a bunch of rocks. This is a great way to keep your money close, while also hiding it in plain sight.

Another idea is to hide it in a roll of toilet paper. Put your money in a toilet paper roll, and then put it on the toilet paper holder in the bathroom. This seems like a great idea until someone has to change the roll, and then potentially tosses your savings in the trash.

And another idea is to hide in a printer. Put it in an envelope, and tape it to where you insert more paper. Most people will never think of looking there!

And there are even more ideas. You can even hide it in a picture frame, a flower pot, or even an electrical socket. There are many small crevices where you can hide a small sum of cash that very few people would be able to find it or stumble on it.

We all need to hide some money every now and then, so finding a smart place to do so that you will not forget the money is crucial. So check out this video and see the numerous smart ways in which people hide their cash. You might even be inspired to try a few of them yourself!

Video Credit: Benri Lifehack | Facebook   Benri LifeHack| YouTube