Jewellery Designer Says Every Aspect of Shen Yun Is Breathtaking

March 6, 2017

“It’s beautiful, the dancing, the colors, the moves—they’re just breathtaking, really.”


“I think it’s a beautiful depiction of both the ancient art they’re pulling forward and using the dancing and also the culture. I think so many times in our society today we get so busy with what’s around us in the immediate [that]  we forget to go back in history and really study that, so they did a really beautiful job of depicting a thousand years back and sharing that with us.”

“History is always important; it helps us make decisions of the future, from learning from mistakes and things that we did well in our history.”


“I think they’ve [Shen Yun] done a wonderful job of really revitalizing that memory and for me, encouraging me maybe to study some more about ancient Chinese culture, and not just the beauty of it but also the history and the spirit behind it.”