‘I’ve never seen something so culturally open and expressive’

January 30, 2017

“My impression was [the show was] amazing. It was my first time seeing a show like this. I’ve never seen something so culturally open and expressive so I really had a great time.”


“I have to say [Chinese culture] is really rooted in a traditional foundation so the culture is very divine and spiritual. I myself am a very spiritual person so it aligns with what I believe in.”


“I think we need to see more of this in the world. … We’re lacking some parts of the spiritual and traditional aspects of each culture, so bringing productions out like this and having the Western world see this is really great.”


“The show is amazing. I love the fact that it showed us different dances from different parts of China. I really got a different feel for different cultures and different aspects. I loved the second performance with the long pink sleeves. I was very happy to see different parts of [Chinese] culture, really opened my eyes to see what’s out there. Never seen anything like this so it was very mind-opening.”