‘It’s very uplifting,’ Says Manager after Watching Shen Yun for Third Year

January 21, 2017

The show is very beautiful, colourful. It’s the third time actually that I saw it. Every year, it’s very intriguing. It’s something new every year. I love that.”


“As much as I love the performers on the stage, the orchestra, the music, is what really drives me. I love that part. The live orchestra, that’s what really, really brings everything to life. Obviously, the colours, the beauty of the performances, the dances, and the colours—we love the colours.”


“You cannot compare [Shen Yun’s music] to anything else. You have to be there to feel it. You cannot explain it to anyone… It’s really something that you have to feel for yourself. 


“It’s very uplifting. That’s why I keep on coming … The orchestra, the dancers, how they pour their heart out, that’s what I love.”


“I want to introduce everyone around my world [to Shen Yun] every year. That’s what I do. I want them to know it for themselves … It’s something special. I really want to reach out to everyone to enjoy that every time. Everyone should do that.”

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