‘It’s really important that this message is shared,’ Visual Artist Says

February 19, 2018

“It’s so moving and so beautiful.”

“I was wondering about whether this was something you could see in China today, and [I heard] you could not see something like this today. I thought that was really interesting because I feel a very strong connection to the spiritual values they talk about in the show—Buddhism, meditation.”

“The free expression and being an artist, to be able to express yourself freely—it’s beautiful, it’s really beautiful.”

“I feel like it’s really important that this message is shared, … this appreciation of the beauty of the human spirit, and the free expression of that, that we can communicate through this artistic means, through the arts, music, and dance nonverbally.”

“It doesn’t matter what language you speak. The spiritual connection is felt through the art, so to me that’s why I like to come to something like this. I feel re-connected to all the people here and the people on the stage. It’s really meaningful. I really appreciate it.”

“The colors are so striking and so breathtaking, really. There are so many beautiful visuals between the cinematography of the film behind [the animated digital backdrop], and the way the technology is integrating the artists’ performance. It’s really amazing. I’m really appreciating the thought and the work that went into the artistic part of it.”

“Really moving and breathtaking. … Don’t miss it! You need to come and see it.”