‘It was very moving,’ Says Executive Director about Shen Yun

January 21, 2018

“The most impressive thing is the underlying message of culture resurgence and also this connection of spirituality, which is eminent throughout all of the dancing. … I think that was probably the most impressive thing for me.”

“As an indigenous person here on Turtle Island in Canada, I think that it’s beautiful. It gives me inspiration to think about what we can be doing in our own communities around, that same kind of mission. So I was so grateful to see that it was part of all of what this production is about.”

“It’s … an example of amazing technology [in the backdrop], beautiful story writing and storytelling, and a soundtrack that will move you to tears. … Yeah, it was very, very moving.”

“I think there is more to life than cellphones…. The last performance [“The Divine Renaissance Begins”] was an interesting way to describe … the negative energies or negative forces in the way that they manifest now.”