‘It was sheer perfection’

January 16, 2017

“The show was phenomenal! The choreography—I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. I’ve been to other shows, but this was fantastic. The costumes—I was speechless. The dancers were perfection; it’s as though they were twins all dancing together. It was amazing. … It was sheer perfection.”


“Very entertaining, the stories—very spiritual, very nice. … I liked the explanation [by the emcees] at the beginning [of each piece]. It was very, very good. I think I will give this gift to my daughters next year to come and see it.”


“It’s the joy of life, the joy of giving, the joy of everyday comradery. It’s very, very from the heart.”


“[When the curtain first went up], I was mesmerized. It was beyond what I thought it would be. It was beautiful, very spiritual, very light, very artistic, very soft, very sweet, very nice. … Loved it!”

Josie Tortorici, brokerage industry, retired
Montreal, Canada
Shen Yun World Company
January 15, 2017