‘It is an experience of bringing the divine to this world’

March 2, 2017

“I come to this performance each year. Each year it is different. Each year it is fresh, although, each year it draws on the same tradition and delivers the same inspiring message.


“Each year it is energetic, it is elegant, it is beautiful, colourful, it is inspiring, and it is spiritual—a spectacular experience every time I’m here.”

“The show is well named [Shen Yun means ‘the beauty of divine beings dancing’] because it’s all of that and more. It is always an uplifting experience, always very entertaining, but beyond entertaining. It is genuinely inspiring. The quality of the work that is done and the spirit in which they [the performers] are clearly motivated, it is a real experience every time.”


“You can just tell from the look on their faces and the energy that goes into the performance. There is an optimism, a happiness, a joy that comes across in every performance, every individual, every segment of the show. That is what comes across to me every time—just an absolute joyful delight.”


“Without overstating it, it is an experience of bringing the divine to this world, and it is in the costumes, in the fabrics, the colours, in the spirit of the show, in the smile on the faces, and the beauty of the performances. All of that is positively divine.”