IT Director Enjoys Shen Yun for the Sixth Time

April 3, 2017

“It really gives a message of Hope. There is a balance between the oppression and the hope. And it really does come through in the dances. It just makes me feel very fortunate.”

“I love the dance, the beauty—it’s just so graceful, it’s beautiful.”

“The pastels, the color combinations are phenomenal. … The costumes are exquisite.”

“I love it when they [dancers] come up from the fog. They are beautiful!”

“The dance they had with the Tibetan drums, who would think of having the beautiful curves [curved drumsticks] to be able to [beat the drums on their backs.]! Hats off to whoever designed them—very, very creative.” 

“The first time I saw [the digital animation], I was blown away because it was seamless. You don’t see the transition at all. You just see them come alive, coming off the screen. It’s beautiful … I love it! [It’s] very, very, very good use of a combination of media, dance, and music.”

“It’s a very unique experience.”

“We always tell everybody to come see it. This is about our sixth time coming to the show. … Shen Yun keeps coming, and we’ll be here.”