Isola La Gaiola – Beautiful, But Cursed? (Video)

September 15, 2014 Updated: September 15, 2014

Just look at this island, clear blue water, beautiful sky. It looks peaceful, right? It is called Isola La Gaiola made up two small island off the coast of Naples, Italy. The two islets, which are separated by just a few meters, connects very narrow stone bridge. For the viewers it looks peaceful but perhaps not so much.
You want to think twice before you head out to the island because you might get caught in its cursed.
It all started in the 20s when Hans Braun the owner of the villa was found murdered and wrapped in the carpet. Now long after this terrible crime his wife drowned in the sea. Then the next owner the German Otto Grunback died of a heart attack while on the island. Island had many owners and each of them got into somekind of misfortunes. Today is villa uninhabited and abandoned.