Is It Hot? These Pictures Will Refresh You

July 9, 2015 Updated: October 5, 2018

As heat waves hit across the globe, adults, children, even animals enjoy some cool relief. The mercury is high not just in the expected places, like India, the Middle East, or California, but this year places like Germany and the United Kingdom are also getting scorched.

Who can then blame one for taking advantage of every opportunity to soak one’s body in a pool, sea, ocean, or perhaps a water fountain.

June 2015 was the hottest ever for 32 American cities from Alaska to Arizona. The list includes places like Las Vegas, Reno, and Miami. Miami is actually experiencing the hottest year on record, according to

Across the ocean, Madrid hit a record temperature for July with 103.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Berlin broke their record as well with 100.2 F and Frankfurt set a new high at 102.2 F. Germany as a whole hit a new July record when a middle-sized town of Kitzingen in central Germany heated up to 104.5 F.

United Kingdom toppled its July heat record with 98.1 F measured on the London’s Heathrow Airport. Paris, France, came close to its all time high with temperatures of 103.5 F, the second hottest reading since 1873.

Yet if you’re really hard to impress, you may want travel all the way to the south of Spain to the historical city of Córdoba, where July has brought, so far, a scorching high of 113 F.

Now if you’re looking for a slight counterbalance, you’d have to look all the way down to Australia. That’s right. Aussies have winter these days, meaning the temperatures dropped to chilling 41 F over the first July weekend.

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