International Businessman: ‘It was very professional!’

By Florian Godovits, Epoch Times
March 29, 2009 Updated: October 1, 2015
Mr. and Ms. Malolepsza. (Florian Godovits/The Epoch Times)
Mr. and Ms. Malolepsza. (Florian Godovits/The Epoch Times)

LODZ, Poland—Mr. Malolepsza, an international businessman, and his wife, Ms. Malolepsza, attended the final performance of Shen Yun Performing Arts at the Teatr Wielki w Lodzi on Saturday evening, March 28.

It was the first time they had seen the world’s premier Chinese dance and music company.

Mr. Malolepsza said, “I liked every dance. The music is new for me.” Speaking of the colors that enriched the performance he said, “It was top quality—the best!”

Audience members often comment about the spiritual message that they feel is a part of the Shen Yun performance, and Mr. Malolepszy  said, “I could see the spiritual message, because each of the dancers obviously likes their profession. The legs and the arms convey the spirit. It is in there.  It was very professional!”

‘This was very joyful’

Also at the Saturday evening performance was Ms.  Walczak who commented that she liked the show very much. “I liked the costumes, choreography and dancing—this was very joyful.”

Ms. Walczak said what she would remember most about the show was the little girl in the dnce, Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution, saying,  “She was so delicate and she danced beautifully.”

She added that all the female dancers were also very gentle, and said of the athleticism of the male dancers, “It was amazing!”

Having travelled a long distance to see the show, Ms. Walczak felt it was well worth the trip, and she was very pleased with what she saw. She said she would recommend the show to others and would come and see it again next year if she had the opportunity.

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