Incorporating Art With Design: Experts Offer Trade Tips

April 19, 2011 Updated: October 8, 2018

NEW YORK—The annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show showcases a large selection of furnishings for the art-minded to decorate their homes, but the event is also a place for the inexperienced to get advice on interior design from leading industry professionals.

This year’s 10th annual, four-day event was held at Pier 94, where hundreds of designers, traders, manufacturers, and industry experts connected under one roof. Visitors to the show could also attend the designer seminar series to pick up insightful tips on the subject.

On March 18, the second day of the show, the “Incorporating Art With Design” seminar featured interior designers Eric Cohler, Francis D’Haene, and Vicente Wolf.

Having artwork in the home is often a great way to enhance the elegance of your space, but how do you avoid feeling like you’re living in a museum? How does one incorporate artwork without losing the warm, inviting atmosphere of a home? These three renowned designers provided some useful tips.

Vicente Wolf

Vicente Wolf’s company in New York has designed for clients around the world, and he has published three books on interior design. An avid photography collector, he likes to arrange his collection on picture ledges and leaning against a wall. He likes to arrange the photos into a group that suggests linearity.

To group artwork in a haphazard pattern, Wolf recommended arranging the pieces on the floor first before hanging them on the wall. He said that hanging a picture in the corner of a room gives an air of intimacy.

Wolf also gave these important tips:

• Hang artwork with two nails instead of one to keep them straight.
• Hang pieces at eye-level.
• Good lighting is crucial.
• Artwork should not act as a decorative element, but should be symbiotic with the space.

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