I’ll Teach You! Animals Show Other Animals How Things Get Done

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June 5, 2014 Updated: June 5, 2014

It’s amazing how animals can display human-like behaviors. What’s even more amazing is the way they interact with other animals, especially their young, as if they are humans themselves. With a stroke of luck (and the help of Smartphones), we are able to witness some of these unusual moments. While we don’t know what drives an animal to act the way they do, we know for certain that their intentions are for the best.


These two kittens are lucky to have a father that’s willing to teach them how to spar. Unfortunately, the kittens are still too young to understand what is going on. At least we get to see what the father wanted the kittens to do—in due time, that is.


This video may be an oldie but it’s still gold. It’s rare to see an animal teach another species how to apply skills for survival. That’s why watching this sheep enthusiastically show a young bull how to head-butt is beyond adorable.


No one said the domestic life is easy! As for this puppy, climbing down the stairs seems like a frightening experience. Fortunately for Daisy, adoptive brother Simon is patient enough to help her overcome her fears.

*Image of cats via Shutterstock

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