‘I wish the world had all of those values,’ Philanthropist Says

April 19, 2018

“I have not seen anything like this before! Absolutely beautiful! Besides the excellent dancing, the costuming was fantastic, and the graphics and the visuals were wonderful. I enjoyed every one of the programs and the entire evening.”

“I [felt] amazed, just amazed! The talent was incredible.”

“[The dancers] were excellent! Just excellent!”

“This is my first time to hear the erhu. I thought that was wonderful, very educational. Good experience.”

“I wish the world had all of those [traditional Chinese] values. We live in a society today that doesn’t value traditions and history. In fact, they are trying to destroy it. What I liked here was the edification of values from generation to generation to generation. It is so important to remember history.”

“Absolutely, yes [there was a profound meaning], … the spirituality, the traditions, the [sharing] of family values there.”

“This is a program I think everyone should see. They do not have to be musical, they do not have to be educated. It is an experience that is valuable for everyone.”