I Talked to an Amazing Woman Named Kelly

October 4, 2020 Updated: October 4, 2020


I’m new to your newspaper. I got your gift subscription for my boyfriend and it turns out I love it!!

You all are doing a great job!! We appreciate you down in the great state of New Mexico.

Like many Americans, we were facing a budget crunch add looking to trim the edges off. Unfortunately, we were going to have to let go of this subscription.

I called the customer care line to unsubscribe. Instead, I talked to an amazing woman named Kelly. A representative in the North Carolina center.

She understood as Americans what we were facing. She is an amazing asset to your company and your team because I was down trotted when I called and now I’m thrilled to continue to be a loyal subscriber to your printed paper!!!

Thank you, Kelly, and all who do it with gusto. God bless America and each of you who stand on the principals of our country began.

Mariah K.

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