How to Reduce Symptoms of Jet Lag

May 16, 2010 Updated: October 1, 2015

Vacationing is great, jet lag is not! Follow some of these tips to beat its symptoms. (
Vacationing is great, jet lag is not! Follow some of these tips to beat its symptoms. (
You may be looking forward to a vacation or a business visit as you board the plane to your destination, but jet lag sure can dampen those spirits. Here’s how you can beat those symptoms and get going:

Get Your Posture Right

Do not slouch. Getting your posture right averts unwanted physical strain that you otherwise need to face.

Reset Your Watch

Simply resetting your watch to the time zone you are traveling in can make you mentally adjusted to the local time and help you prepare for the time difference.

Hydrate Yourself

You don’t want that drowsy feeling once you exit the plane, so drink plenty of water and rejuvenate yourself.


Prevent muscle cramps and improve circulation by walking in the aisle for a few minutes whenever possible.

Stand up often to stretch your limbs, and remove your shoes as you stretch your feet.

Breathe Well

Take long deep breaths often to ensure your brain gets enough oxygen supply. Spend a few minutes focusing on your breath and calm your mind.

Keep Yourself Busy

Read a book, listen to music, and watch a movie, or talk with the person beside you. Interesting activities will help pass those long hours as you journey across long miles.

What Should You Avoid

Diuretics like caffeine and alcohol can cause dehydration, so avoid them as you’re flying, which is dehydrating enough.

Fruit juices or water are the best to stay feeling internally fresh throughout the journey.


Relaxing is also very important as we travel. After all, when do we get so much free time when we’re at work or handling our tight schedules when we’re back home? Use eyeshades and earplugs to keep away in flight distractions. Close window shades and turn off overhead cabin lights. These tips could help put you at ease and induce sleep; leaving you energetic once you’re done with your nap.

Ensure you eat right, carry light, and keep yourself stress free.

Pure Enjoyment

Truly enjoy your trip the next time you’re traveling and beat jet lag by having an energetic vibe about you as you exit the plane! As soon as the sun is out, go out, breath deeply, and stay active exploring the new town or atmosphere you are visiting.