How to Make: Holiday Bark

December 24, 2014 Updated: March 2, 2015

Indulge on these snappy holiday barks that are simple to make. They’re great for a last minute gift idea too!



Pomegranate Seeds
Crushed candy cane
Rawmio Superfood Spread

1. Temper your chocolate. In a double broiler, melt chocolate and bring it to about 110ºF – 115ºF (43ºC – 46ºC).

2. Once chocolate is up to temp, remove from heat and let it cool to 95ºF (35ºC). Insert a little square piece of chocolate, and stir until it’s completely melted.

3. Transfer melted chocolate to a lined baking sheet. Sprinkle toppings on top. Refrigerate until the chocolate is firm.

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