How to Eat Nachos the Right Way (+Video)

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Nachos are a shared food, and do present issues of etiquette. Dan Pashman finds a better way to eat nachos. Here are four rules of nacho etiquette: 

1. Analyze the Pile

The first mistake that everyone makes is picking up the nachos without analyzing the pile. There is usually a hierarchy, in the way the nachos are presented. First, you have the cheesy nacho, which is the most desirable  nachos. Then, you have the soggy nachos, which are usually pretty good nachos, and finally you have the dry nachos which are on the bottom. So, it is important to analyze the pile of nachos, understand what you are dealing with, and then eat. 

2. Minimize the Mess

As nachos are usually pilled high with toppings, you are going to make a mess, and also end up mixing the toppings. This is something you would want to avoid, so the best way to deal with this is to use some plates and a spoon for each topping. This will help prevent double dipping, and ensure that people don’t take a bite, and then dip again. 

3. One hand, two chips rule of nacho morality

This is the best way to take the cheese, without taking more than your share. You take one hand, and grab two chips at the most so whatever comes with it, is yours to keep. It is also advised to cup one hand underneath while eating the nachos so that you don’t drop all the toppings over the place. 

4. The Ethical Nacho sandwich 

Start by finding the cheesiest nacho,  then top it with a soggy nacho. Next, incorporate it with a choice of your toppings. Finally, add a dry chip on top. With this you are consuming the most desirable nacho with the least desirable nacho, and thus creating nacho peace. 

Now go eat your nachos the right way! 

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