How Much Should You Spend on a Kitchen Faucet?

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By Hunter Boyce
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A nice faucet doesn’t have to break the bank.

Few things bring new character to a kitchen quite like a new faucet. An expensive faucet, however, can put quite a dent in your budget. It begs the question: How much should you spend on a kitchen faucet?

According to Delia Kenza of Delia Kenza Interiors, it’s a fixture worth shelling out a few extra bucks for.

“Why have a cute faucet that leaks? The internal parts are more important than the external parts; look for solid brass valves and screws,” Kenza told Dwell, “Buy from a company that you can order missing parts from: a single screw may be all you need, and if you can’t get that screw, you may have to buy a new faucet. Many plumbing parts can’t be casually picked up at a local hardware store.”

While quality is important, it also depends on your style and needs. A touchless kitchen faucet could run over $2,500, according to Kitchen Remodel Guides. A single hole kitchen faucet, however, can cost as little as $30.

The Family Handy Man said that the sweet spot for spending should be roughly $100 for a quality kitchen faucet. Beyond that $100 marker, you are generally paying for extra features or style.

When it comes to choosing, Keren Richter of White Arrow said that there are a number of different ways to go.

“There are a few questions we ask in terms of functionality (Does the client want a separate hand spray, or a single spout with a built-in spray?), but style is paramount,” Richter told Dwell. “There are bridge faucets for more farmhouse looks; long, dramatic arched faucets, which can look graceful and sleek for contemporary kitchens; and more utilitarian faucets for industrial kitchens.”

Kenza told Dwell that there are a number of quality brands offering faucets at affordable prices.

“An affordable brand that rarely fails on quality is Kohler,” she told the website. “I also like Vola and Hansgrohe.”

If you want to splurge, Waterstone has high-end faucets with unique styles and features. But, be prepared to spend four figures.

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