These Insane Roller Coasters in Europe Will Make You Plan Your Next Vacation NOW

March 8, 2016 Updated: March 10, 2016

Here’s the secret to the greatest holiday you can have in Europe. It’s something high in the mountains, surrounded by nature and as exciting as the fastest joy ride.

It’s a roller coaster ride—through the mountains! Or, in short, an alpine coaster. The Alps, Europe’s highest mountains, have nailed this exciting all-year-round activity. Europeans can’t get enough of it.

1. Stubaital, Austria

First, we bring you the world’s steepest alpine coaster. When summer mountains are what you prefer, Mieders in Austria is perfect for your family recreation and the best toboggan ride ever! Here are some numbers to convince you: A 3000-foot drop over a distance of more than 1.7 miles, allowing a maximum speed of up to 27 mph.


2.Hasenhorn Coaster, Germany

The Black Forest, next to the small German town of Todtnau, hides Germany’s famous Hasenhorn coaster. The track, placed right in the middle of the forest, is more than 9,500 feet long with 360 degrees turns all the way to the bottom.


3.Glacier 3000, Switzerland

After the steepest, here comes the highest. Alpine coaster Glacier 3000 in Gstaad starts with an elevation of 9,747 feet, and a length of 3,300 feet, which makes it the highest coaster in the world.  It is a weightless experience about 6 yards above the ground, with 520-degree circles and speeds of up to 25mph. This is a bulletproof adrenaline kick.


4. Klausberg, Italy

Traveling south, we find Klausberg, a charming Italian ski resort. The 5,900 foot long mountain coaster here is available all year long. Enjoy breathtaking views while traveling around 25mph. 


5. Hoch-Imst, Austria

And last but not least, the world’s longest alpine coaster! Austria not only has the tallest mountains in Europe, but Earth’s longest alpine coaster down them. The ride in Hoch-Imst ski resort is a 2.2-mile thrill ride.


We hear you saying, “I need this in my life but don’t have the time to travel”—no worries. If you live in America, you are lucky enough to try a few of the best mountain coasters in the world. Look for the famous Smokey Mountain Coaster , Colorado’s Breckenridge, or Park City in Utah. You can also try the legendary classic wooden roller coaster at Ohio’s Kings Island.