Havana: A Holiday Paradise

June 22, 2015 Updated: June 22, 2015

Cuba may be one of the most underrated countries to visit for holidays, but it really is a beautiful and unique country offering so much to the tourist – history, a wonderful culture, beaches, architecture, cars… Cuba has it all in abundance.

Cuba is currently undergoing a big change. If the country isn’t on your bucket list, you better add it because the time to see the ‘real’ Cuba is running out. Before Cuba changes for good, here are our reasons why you should fly into Havana and experience its authentic character.

When to Go?

The best time to visit is between December and May. As you know, Cuba is a Caribbean country and for that it is not advisable to visit in the peak months of summer, as the weather gets really, really hot! If you’re not used to those temperatures it will not be a pleasant holiday. From December to May you will surely enjoy hot and sunny days, making sure you can walk around the city without having to find shelter from the sun and heat.

Things You Can’t Miss

You can’t go to Cuba and not take part in, or see some salsa demonstrations. You can easily find them in the clubs or even in the city center. People are really friendly and it will be easy to find someone willing to show you or teach you a few steps.

The beaches: Cuba has gorgeous beaches, white sand and crystal water, just perfect. Unlike any other Caribbean destination, it is possible to find clean beaches that are hardly ever crowded, and you will have as much time as you want to enjoy a quiet beach. The beaches are not close to downtown but there are cheap buses that make stops in every beach during the day, making it easy to access them.

Walk through the city: this is the best way to have a real Cuban experience and get to see the architecture, the social graffiti’s that show the history of the country, and the people of Cuba in their everyday life. People are really friendly and there are police officers in every corner. If you have a chance to walk at night, choose a lovely walk along the coastal edge while the sun is setting.

Cuban cigars: don’t go for the ones that are sold on the streets of Havana. The best cigars are found in Pinar del Rio town, so head there without a doubt.

Classic 60’s cars all over the city: have a ride and enjoy the old fashion way. You will find these classic Cuban cars all over, and many operate as taxis, so you can enjoy a city tour in absolute style.

Be Cautious

Even though the country is now opening the market, it is still a very poor country. For obvious reasons be careful with your valuable things in public. If you’re going to take pictures, for example, take into account that flashing your phone in public can draw unwanted attention.

Get a printed map and do some research before you go. It is a city easy to get around, but it is also really easy to get overwhelmed and therefore end up paying extra for unneeded tours. A map will help you make your way around the city.

There is no way you will be disappointed with this city, just don’t expect to find a McDonald’s or Starbucks to get free Wi-Fi. If you decide to go to Cuba, disconnect from your devices and relax – some would say, just how holidays are supposed to be.

This article was written by Ana Santorini originally published on www.etravelblog.com. Read the original here.