Gymnastics Coach Enjoys the Discipline and Beauty of Shen Yun

March 9, 2018

“You can see the discipline that goes into [Shen Yun] and all the hours of training that they’ve put into the performance. They look great.”

“It’s just beautiful to the eye, all the different colors.”

“[I was moved] when [a female character] was crying on stage. You could definitely feel the sorrow and the pain. That was nice that you could feel that from sitting all the way out here in the audience.”

“You can see a lot of expression on their faces, which I like, … everything from happiness to sadness. Also I like that we’re learning the culture of China.”

“I did [find it educational] and I’m still looking forward to learning more.”

“The choreography is beautiful, and the outfits, and the dance numbers. I really am enjoying it quite a bit.”

“The multiple different types of dance that they need to know, because you can tell that they’re trained in many different aspects of dance, … you can see that there’s a lot of different technique in there. The music is absolutely beautiful, the orchestra. It’s really nice. Together, it just makes it beautiful.”

“I’m glad that [Shen Yun has] the lovely narrators, to help us [understand].”

“I would definitely recommend it to everyone.”