Graphics Designer Inspired by Shen Yun’s Artistry and Choreography

February 1, 2017

“I loved all of it. The ‘Tibetan Drums’ was really fun. I remember looking at my husband and thinking, ‘Oh, my children would love this. I would encourage anybody who is thinking about coming to come because it is a very unique experience. The music is lovely, the dancing is phenomenal, and we really enjoyed it.”

“We really liked the mixture, the explanation of the history behind the different dances, the different culture—it was really great.”

“We have been part of music and performances all over the world. We lived overseas for many years and have traveled extensively as well, and we’ve seen world-class musical performances … all over the place, and this was really very exciting. For me as a graphic designer, the artistry and the choreography were really inspiring. It was quite lovely.”