‘Grace and delicacy’ of Shen Yun Praised

January 29, 2011 Updated: January 29, 2011

WASHINGTON—Newly retired Rita Rippetoe made her way through the snow Friday Jan. 28 to catch Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company perform at the Kennedy Center Opera House.

Ms. Rippetoe was glad she came, “It was absolutely wonderful, I enjoyed every bit of it.” She was an administrative officer in a federal law enforcement agency, and said this her maiden voyage after retiring.

She praised the skill of Shen Yun dancers, complimenting the “grace and delicacy” of the dancers, saying she could tell from their movements the strength and grace with which they moved. Aware of how difficult dance can be, after studying it in her youth, Ms. Rippetoe said she really appreciated the performance, “it was very good.”

Ms. Rippetoe, said “The stories were wonderful.” She said the dance Plum Blossom, moved her with its “promise of hope” in the dead of winter. Just as early spring flowers can give hope for the coming of spring “the dancers gave you that hope with the dance,” she said.

Speaking of the traditional Chinese values presented in the performance, Ms. Rippetoe said, “I don't think the traditional Chinese values are any different from traditional values throughout the country—they spoke to me, so I am sure they will speak to others as well. It was very good.”

Asked if she planned to return to see Shen Yun again, Ms. Rippetoe said “Absolutely, it was very good.”

With reporting by NTD and Nicholas Zifcak.

Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company will be performing in Washington, D.C., at The Kennedy Center Opera House through to Jan. 30. For more information, visit ShenYunPerformingArts.org

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