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Make every round on the links great
BY Bill Lindsey TIMEAugust 13, 2022 PRINT

From your swing to how to retrieve lost golf balls, this batch of greens-ready golf gear can help improve your game.

Arcos Golf Caddie
(Courtesy of Arccos)

Your Clubs Are the Coach

Arccos Golf Caddie


How you hold and use the club, from a wood to a putter, determines the effectiveness of each stroke. This is even better than having a coach with you 24/7 because it’s just facts, not opinions. Attaching a sensor to each club allows you to “see” how well you’re hitting; the hands-free system, said to help provide a five-stroke handicap improvement in the first year, automatically collects shot data.

(Courtesy of Flightscope)

Perfect Your Swing

FlightScope Mevo


The key to being a great golfer is having an awesome swing. Instead of guessing how well you launched the ball, this device uses 3D Doppler radar to measure eight parameters, including club speed, flight time, spin rate, ball speed, and more. By reviewing each swing, it’s easier to make adjustments while you’re at the tee. Between games, use it indoors with a net, and to select the best shaft length or club head for new clubs.

Golf Buddy
(Courtesy of GolfBuddy)

Better Than a Yardstick

GolfBuddy Voice 2 SE


Unless you always have a course-savvy caddy suggesting the right club for each shot based on the distance to the pin, this is the next best thing. Loaded with details of 40,000 golf courses, it uses GPS technology to provide the exact distance from wherever you may be on the course to the hole; press the button to hear a clear voice tell you the distance.

Callaway 15-foot Ball Retriever
(Courtesy of Callaway)

Don’t Feed the Water Hazards

Callaway 15-foot Golf Ball Retriever


It’s frustrating to see the ball in the water hazard, just a bit too far to reach it with a club, which all too often ends up with you getting wet trying to retrieve it. Before you go swimming, consider this handy device; extending to 15 feet, it pays for itself quickly. It’s a must for Florida courses where you have to wonder how many gators are lurking next to the ball.

Collage Maker-12-Aug-2022-10.12-PM
(Courtesy of Climate Caddy)

Climate-Control Your Cart

Climate Caddy Electric Golf Cart Heater


In a few months, early morning or late afternoon tee times will turn a bit chilly, so consider this heater that tucks into a cup holder to keep you comfortable as temperatures drop. It also blows cooling breezes in warm weather, making it a year-round upgrade that can be used in rental carts or permanently installed onto your own cart. You’ll also enjoy it during evening neighborhood cart cruises.

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