Glenn Gould’s Wordless Benediction

J.S. Bach's 'The Goldberg Variations'
January 16, 2015 Updated: January 20, 2015
All was quiet on the home front.
Bedewed icicles and snowflakes, the Aurora Borealis reflected in the morning mist.
Droplets of water fell to the forest floor.
Through the tree-lined sky, a fox very distant.
His trot, his gaze, lightness, giving way to the warmth of misty sunlight and with it the sun’s life-giving rays far beyond any others vying for recognition.
The articulation of life so separate and distinct, crystal- clear with a purpose on the planet, functioning like a magnificent time piece serving as a model for all life.
A life filled with unique possibilities and shapes and forms. A guiding and brilliant meaning.
It was not by chance and yet completely improvised, subtly, to avoid the mold of our better judgment. 
One voice on the ice cold lake warmed by morning sunlit rays.
An isolation, romantic, not austere in nature. The bridge to another way, another scene…. and from a mountaintop far, far away and separated by a crystal ice forest is heard in the distance the cry of the lone wolf, his silhouette contrasted against the back drop of a dark sky, yet sunlit in waking rays.
The contrast of the ice forest and the sunlit lake, a counterpoint exquisite and so beautifully connected, so separate and joined at the same breath.
Glenn Gould playing “Goldberg Variations.”