Girl Tearfully Calls Dad to Tell She’s Tumor-Free After Waiting for a Year and a Half

By Daksha Devnani, Epoch Times
January 2, 2019 Updated: January 7, 2019

For any father in this world, the greatest gift he could ever receive is knowing that his little princess is hale and hearty.

This is exactly what happened when Salt Lake City resident Ariana Marshall called up her father from the parking lot of Huntsman Cancer Institute to give him a priceless surprise.

In the emotional video posted on Twitter, the young lady greets her father in an excited tone and then breaks down emotionally to explain “the tumor is finally gone.”

After a moment’s pause, the father on the other side of the call exclaims “What?” The young and excited girl repeats again, “It’s gone.”

As Marshall’s face slowly brightens up with a smile, we can hear her dad, who is absolutely dumbfounded, admitting “Oh, I’m gonna wreck…I’m starting to cry, and I’m driving.”

Wiping off tears from her face, Marshall says with relief, “I don’t have to come back here for six months.”

To which her happy dad responds, “That is so awesome!”

Marshall had been suffering from a tumor in her jaws. The bittersweet video that was posted on Nov.29, captioned, “Been waiting to tell my dad this for a year and a half” has garnered more than a million views. Twitter users couldn’t hold their happiness within and shared the joy of her happy news.

One user commented, “I cried! Congratulations Ariana. So many emotions.”

Another user, who connected with the young lady, exclaimed, “Absolutely bawling I’ve been through this type of situation & this is quite literally the best feeling in the world. So happy for you.”

This tear-jerking surprise is what all fathers can absolutely relate to. The heartwarming bond the two share shows that for a dad, his little girl will always be the reason for his joy.


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