Gift Ideas for Dads

BY Ingrid Longauerová TIMEDecember 5, 2013 PRINT

1. Cyclopedia 

For passionate cyclists, gift options are many, from specialized clothes to bicycle gadgets. But for the cyclist who has everything, or who wants to learn more about his bicycle, the “Cyclopedia” by William Fotheringham may be a good fit. It’s full of useful facts, from A to Z. As it says on the cover, “It’s all about the bike.”

To buy: $25 (cloth) / $19.99 (PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket), 


2. USB Cuff Links

Help your dad feel like a real James Bond. These cuff links may look very common at first glance, but when the need arises, they transform into flash drives.

To buy: $50, 


3. Personal Pocket Safe

If your father often forgets his passwords, this little pocket safe will come to his rescue. All critical log-in information, bank account numbers, and other similar data can be loaded into the safe—it holds some 40,000 passwords. A military encryption system automatically destroys all content when it detects forced access. To unlock the safe, just type in your PIN code, open the USB on your computer, and you can see all your data.

To buy: $19, 


4. Copper Mugs

To enjoy his favourite icy drinks or morning coffees, this stylish copper mug will serve your father well.

To buy: $35 for two mugs, (picture by Jens Motensen/


5. Driftwood iPhone Charging Dock

Organic minimalism meets modern Apple technology in a harmonic balance. Each of these iPhone charging docks is unique and original, handmade from pine, oak, cedar, ash, or maple wood.

To buy: $72-$88, Lee Goodwin at


6. The Ultimate Grilling Rub Collection

Grilling is like a hobby for many men. Help your father develop his grilling skills—which could benefit you too, if you get to help eat the final product—with grilling rubs. These come in chili-lime, potlatch seasoning, spicy chipotle, and smokehouse.

To buy: $27.95, 


7. Working Man’s Hygiene Kit

This kit covers a wide range of hygiene needs, and with a manly design the balms, walnut scrub, soap, and more, could be well-received. The products are also all-natural and made in the USA.

To buy: $50, 


8. Laptop Case

For the tech-lover, or simply any dad who carries his laptop around often, this original felt laptop case with leather straps is a stylish and classy, as well as useful, gift. The straps protect from bumps, dust, and scrapes. The case comes in different color combinations and is handmade for your order.

To buy: $36.00,

Ingrid Longauerová
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Ingrid Longauerová is a long time employee at the Epoch Media Group. She started working with The Epoch Times as a freelance journalist in 2007 before coming to New York and work in the Web Production department. She is currently a senior graphic designer for the Elite Magazine, a premier luxury lifestyle magazine for affluent Chinese in America produced by the EMG.
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