Getting Around: Carts for Golf and Groceries

In golf, the ‘drive’ is the first shot off the tee; with these carts, it’s how to get around the course and to the neighborhood grocery store
BY Bill Lindsey TIMEFebruary 19, 2022 PRINT

Four-Wheeled Danish

Garia 1
(Courtesy of Garia)

Garia Street Legal Golf Cart

With its overly large cabin and passenger-friendly features, such as an icebox, sound system, and USB charging ports, as well as notable options, including a refrigerator and carbon fiber accents, these carts from Denmark let you scoot around town or through 18 holes in style.

Roam Alone

Ellwee 1
(Courtesy of Ellwee)

Ellwee X

This sporty single-seat ATV-style cart from Sweden features a front-mounted golf bag holder that can be outfitted with a cargo rack or a locking helmet storage box. Designed for golf course use, it’s also a fun way to do laps around the block.

A Great Drive on the Course

Club Car
(Courtesy of ClubCar)

Club Car Villager 2+2

Club Car has come a long way since its three-wheel carts of the 1960s. The new street-legal carts can roam at speeds of 20 miles per hour for up to 30 miles per charge. Everyone on board is protected by three-point seat belts and a full-height safety-glass windshield.

Ready for Adventure

New England Golf Carts
(Courtesy of New England Golf Cars )

Tomberlin SS
Call for price

Large 14-inch tires with custom aluminum wheels and an SUV-like grill give this cart a rugged look, while a 7-inch LED dash display, rearview camera mirror, a Bluetooth sound system, and premium seating with headrests, provide serious creature comforts around the course and around town.

Be a Star on the Course

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Luxe)

Luxe Electric Cars
Call for price

Featuring front ends that resemble BMW, Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz, and other luxury cars, these can be customized with carbon fiber accents, premium seats, and more. Capable of speeds up to 32 miles per hour, they’re a stylish choice for getting around town, too.

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