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October 8, 2014 Updated: October 8, 2014

If Costa Rica is known for anything it must be the sensational, tropical rainforests, the stunning coastlines and the abundance of fascinating wildlife. But the recent popularity of Medical Tourism in the country is something you may not be so aware of. You might wonder why there has been a sudden boost in Costa Rica wellness businesses that are offered worldwide, in every city and often in the smallest towns. We went searching for the answer and found some very interesting facts shedding light on the booming services of Medical Tourism in Costa Rica.

Interestingly, The World Health Organization rates Costa Rica higher than the United States and the same organization ranked Costa Rica in the top three of health care systems among the Latin American countries. With modern state of the art hospitals and clinics, the latest in modern technology and physicians that are from top educational systems in the USA and Europe, the health care system in Costa Rica is excelling. San Jose, the capital city, is home to many excellent hospitals including Hospital Nacional De Ninos, a hospital designed especially for children. Whilst in San Jose make sure you visit the Lankester Botanical Gardens and the Jazz Café for local, live music.

Another fact that may surprise you is that in 2008 alone, over 22,000 tourists visited Costa Rica specifically to have surgery, dental implants, fertility treatment, dialysis and, of course, cosmetic enhancements. And can you blame people? A face-lift in the USA can be well over $10,000 while in Costa Rica it is likely to be less than $5000. You may even save as much as 70% in many other categories and treatments. Trends suggest that over 200,000 tourists will travel to Costa Rica in 2011 for medical treatments.

The after-care in Costa Rica is simply superb. There are luxurious wellness centres that cater to your every need, making sure you have the best food and peaceful environments. In fact these are things you can find on any typical holiday to Costa Rica. For some peace and quiet head to the Manuel Antonio Beach in the province of Puntarenas. Cascading waterfalls, blue-green water and pure white sand await you in this tranquil paradise. If you’re hungry you must try some local delicacies such as plantains and chimichurri (tomatoes and pickled onions soaked in lime juice).

Recuperating in Costa Rica is not a hardship at all. Relaxing in a lush tropical environment with beautiful flora, picturesque mountains and plenty of shopping when you feel better could entice anyone. An important step prior to any surgery is to do your homework, check credentials and research all your avenues prior to making medical choices. But above all, get out and explore this wonderful country with all its impressive sights and experiences…

Please be aware that plastic surgery comes with its own risks. It is vital to conduct thorough research and consult your doctor before seeking any medical treatments at home or abroad.

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